Review of The Girls Co. Heat Wraps/Packs

Review of The Girls Co. Heat Wraps/Packs

Firstly, they have the cutest packaging ever! I was so excited to unwrap my new heat wraps and try them out, and felt like I was opening something really special because of their packaging.

I have used heat packs for years, I mostly just use my hot water bottle, but that isn’t practical for work of course, so I needed something that could be more discreet and yet offer me some comfort and pain relief while I’m teaching Pilates. The Girls Co. heat wraps are PERFECT!

I’ve been using other heat pack brands for years, I’ve tried expensive brands, and off brands, and none were as good as these!

So, for starters, the wrap is super comfy, adjustable and not too tight and using a super soft silky fabric, which I felt was breathable too. Then, they have 6 sections that you can put your mini heat packs into, for you to place the heat packs where you need them for your aches/cramps/pains. There are 3 little pockets in the front, and 3 in the back, I decided to put all of mine in the front for teaching, most of my pain is cramping from my Crohn’s disease, and I like heat all over my abdomen area, but the lower right quadrant is where majority of my pain is.

Review of The Girls Co. Heat Wraps/Packs

Each “hot stuff” heat pack comes with 3 small heat packs to put in your reusable wrap, and they heat up to 115 degrees fahrenheit and you can subscribe to their company for monthly “hot stuff” delivery. Their heat packs are the perfect size and stay hot for hours, I found them to be wonderfully hot after even 8hrs of working and running errands. I was thoroughly impressed, and preferred the wrap compared to other heat packs because they didn’t have to stick to my skin, and as I said, they stayed hot for longer.

One of the other amazing things is how the wrap with heat packs lays flat! You can see how they’re undetectable under my Lululemon leggings, which I also love! I feel confident that would wear these under almost anything without anyone ever knowing. So convenient!

Review of The Girls Co. Heat Wraps/Packs

Basically, I loved these sooooo much and will absolutely be getting more and have already recommended them to friends with Endometriosis and cramping pain. I highly recommend them and hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Shop their website here: https://thegirlsco.com


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