Vesl Oils CBD

Vesl Oils CBD Review

I have tried soooo many CBD products, too many. So much money wasted, over and over again. And for what? No relief.

Until I tried Vesl Oils, a small company from Colorado, which is available nationwide. I was so happy to actually notice a difference with their products, and now- I love them! I’ve been using them for about a year and have tried their tinctures, gummies and vapes.

Vesl Oils are awesome because they manufacture all their products right there in Denver, CO from organically grown hemp in the US- integrity matters to them, and they only use the highest quality CBD and CBG hemp available and only produce in small batches to ensure quality! Check them out here: https://www.vesloils.com/

I notice that my nausea is usually improved very quickly and body aches too. Finding relief for my Crohn’s disease from CBD has been difficult for sure. But Vesl has helped!

I often have an ‘electric’ feeling throughout my body from either side effects of medications or my anxiety- and the CBD from Vesl Oils helps with that too. When I use their products regularly, I also notice improvement with my cramping.

I most often use their products on my way to work in the mornings or on my way home in the evenings. I have found huge relief in the mornings before work, when I feel like I just simply get through the morning, Vesl Oils help with that!

As you know, I am extremely particular in the products I recommend, and I have been using Vesl and enjoying their products for over a year. I recommend you giving them a go to see if they work for you as much as they do for me! 🙂