Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the spoonie in your life can be tough sometimes, but we want to take out the guess work for you. In fact, you may love our suggestions so much that you might want to spoil yourself and get some of these gifts for you!

Here is our list of 20+ ideas for gifts this holiday season!

Some of our links are affiliate links, and we may make a small percentage from our suggestions- that small percentage helps us keep our community going, helps us employ other spoonies, and 10% of all proceeds goes to our nonprofit!

  1. Heated Blanket
Heated Blanket

We love this electric blanket to cozy up on a chilly autumn or winter evening!

With 3 temperature settings, you’ll be your comfiest, toastiest self you can be.

2. Mastering Energy Management Workbook

Mastering Energy Management Workbook

What better time to take control of your energy than around the holidays?!

Go into the New Year with even more tips and tricks to rock your way through 2021.

Don’t forget, there’s 21 days of podcast episodes to go with the workbook to make the most of your experience!

3. Roomba Vacuum

Roomba Vacuum

Vacuuming really can take ALL the spoons, so save yourself some energy with this Roomba!

Chelsea has two dogs and loves her Roomba so much, if it can work on her hard floors with two doggies, it can work for all of us, right?

4. Super comfy, affordable sheets

Super comfy, affordable sheets

With how much time we often need to spend in bed, it is truly worth having nice sheets. We love these because they’re affordable AND super comfy!

100% cotton too!

5. Sunlight therapy lamp

Sunlight therapy lamp

We each have one of these sunlamps! They really help on the gloomy days.

Seasonal depression is real, so we need to do what we can to help our mental health during the winter months!

6. Milk frother

Milk frother

Cassie and Chelsea both LOVE hot drinks- coffees, teas, you name it, they probably love it!

Cassie worked as a barista for many years, and is extremely particular about foam, it should be thick, velvety and creamy in texture- this milk frother does it all! Even for Almond milk!! She highly recommends it, it will take your hot drinks to the next level, and you deserve the luxury of great foam!

7. Game of Thrones books

Game of Thrones books

Hours and hours of something quiet to do. Perfect for taking it easy at home.

8. Standing desk conversion for desk/tabletop

Standing desk conversion for desk/tabletop

Most of us experience back pain from sitting too much, and it’s not great for blood circulation- sitting too much poses other health concerns as well.

It’s not the best on your back to be on your laptop in bed either, it can compress the lower back and keep you in too much flexion. A standing desk conversion is a great tool to seamlessly transition from sitting to standing throughout the day.

9. Maxi dress with pockets

Maxi dress with pockets

Sometimes wearing pants is just too uncomfortable! The notorious ‘Endo belly’ or ‘IBD belly’ can be so swollen and painful that pants just hurt, and sometimes we just want to be able to hide it from the world! We don’t always want everyone to know when our tummy is upset.

This maxi dress is so comfy and lets you be you underneath it all with TONS of patterns to choose from. And hello, it has pockets! Need we say more?

10. Franklin massage balls

Franklin massage balls

These feel amazing on the hips, low back and SI joint, and can be used in many other areas of the body as well.

Grab a couple of these and give yourself a much needed body release.

11. The Spoonie Hub Community

The Spoonie Hub Community

For as low as $6/mo they’ll have access to:

Virtual social events, Workbooks, Intention setting workshops,
Support and sharing guidance sessions
Tips & tricks taught by experts from around the world- both live and archived classes such as movement, meditation, nutrition, life and career coaching & MORE!

12. Mini silicone hot water bottle

Mini silicone hot water bottle

This hot water bottle is ideal for travelling or for work at the office or something. Its small and can be heated in the microwave or be used for cold therapy too. Cassie loves hers for traveling because you can just ask a coffee shop in the airport to fill it with hot water for you and boom, hot water bottle on a flight.

13. Full-sized hot water bottle

hot water bottle

But really, how cute is this hot water bottle? This is legitimately a ‘must have’ for all spoonies. Be careful not to use boiling water because of a burn risk!

14. All-in-one hairdryer brush

All-in-one hairdryer brush

Doing your hair after a shower takes a lot of energy sometimes, energy many of us don’t have. Simplify with this hairdryer brush! Style your hair without having to blow dry, then straighten or curl. It’s all in one!

This may not be ideal for those who have difficulties holding their arms above their shoulders for too long. But if they have a buddy to help, the buddy will love it!

15. Shower head with handheld

Shower head with handheld

Cassie purchased this shower head before her fistula surgery, to help with cleansing afterwards. She totally loves it and wishes she would have bought one years ago! Not only was it super easy to install but it makes a world of difference and the changes in water pressure etc are wonderful.

Highly highly recommend this for everyone!

16. The Lady’s Handbook to her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Marie Ramey

 The Lady’s Handbook to her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Marie Ramey

If you haven’t heard us mention this book yet, then you probably don’t even know who we are at this point! Ha!

But really, every spoonie, medical professional, caregiver, literally everyone in the world should read this masterpiece that was only published this year, 2020. Totes recommend it for all!

17. Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses

Help prevent migraines and headaches by wearing blue light glasses when working on your computer or phone. Many of the spoonies in our community swear by these!

18. Bath drain cover for the deepest, soothing baths possible

Bath drain cover

We all hate when our boobs are floating around and can’t submerge and enjoy the lovely warm water. Here’s your answer!

Enjoy deeper baths and let those puppies bask in the delight too!

Great for a stocking stuffer!

19. Sugar scrub for your luxurious bath

Sugar scrub

Scrub a dub dub in the tub!

20. WiFi booster system

WiFi booster system

Lettme tell you- if you have WiFi issues, this will change your life! Cassie has struggled with wifi for 2yrs and being in a brick house, the wifi just wouldn’t reach far. She tried paying for higher speed, bought new routers and modems, you name it, she tried it.

Then, she was recommended by a software engineer to try these! They replace your router and make the world of difference! Literally increased her speed times 5! No joke- Seriously, seriously recommend!

We hope you find this gift guide helpful, don’t forget to tag us with your new stuff! IG: @TheRealSpooniesUnite

-Cassie & Chelsea xo