Chronic Illness Essentials

Chronic Illness Essentials: Vital Field Energy Cells to fight inflammation and offer pain relief

As someone who lives with Crohn’s Disease, I am always looking for ways to relieve my symptoms. I suffer from frequent trips to the bathroom with painful bowel movements, joint pain, cramping, rectal pain, headaches, chronic fatigue and chronic pain, so finding a product that offers relief is beyond welcome! I was simply thrilled to find Vital Field Energy Cells, they have definitely become chronic illness essentials for me!

Chelsea and I have each tried out the Energy Cells, we personally love the Anti-Inflame cell and the No-Pain Cell and are happy to recommend both.

Our Experiences

I started with wearing the Anti-Inflame cell and noticed I felt less puffy while wearing it, my underwear felt more comfortable, the waistband on my pants felt less constricting, and my hands and feet felt less puffy. I was pretty impressed because Chelsea and I were both skeptical about effectiveness, as we are about all products. Read more about our recommended pain relief products and other chronic illness essentials here.

I also loved the No-Pain cell because it made my chronic pain more tolerable. It’s rare that I find something that totally eliminates my pain, but to find something that means I can maintain my personal life or work day is huge. I wore the No-Pain cell during a busy day of teaching Pilates and going to appointments, and towards the end of the day, I realized I hadn’t thought of my hot water bottle the whole day, which is a huge deal, and showed my skeptical self that the No-Pain cell was indeed working for me too.

Chelsea noticed that after a long day at work or working out, when she would feel the need to foam roll because she was sore and getting stiff, she put on the No-Pain cell and within minutes no longer felt the need to foam roll because her pain had been relieved so well. Again, she was really impressed.

We messaged each other after the first few days of trying the Energy Cells and said “OMG, I think it’s working! I kind of love it and never want to take it off!” Luckily, they are perfectly safe to wear 24/7 because that’s what we both did, another reason we love them so much and why we chose to become ambassadors for Vital Field and are thrilled to offer you 15% off your purchase with the code: SPOONIESUNITE 🙂

What is a Vital Field Energy Cell and how does it work?

Vital Fields are subtle energy fields, 100% natural, that help transfer energy and information across the body’s living systems such as your cells, organs, and micro-organs so the body’s cells can repair and regenerate post-damage.

By applying the Cell on your body at the pain site, your body absorbs therapeutic, custom-made frequencies to help your body’s cells communicate better for higher regeneration without chemical ingredients. They are NON-chemical, NON-addictive, NON-invasive!

This is such a rare thing to find in the world of prolonged illness, pain, and fatigue- which just adds to the list of why these are a chronic illness essential item!

The Anti-Inflame Energy Cell

This cell is designed to relieve inflammation related pain and complications by helping cells regenerate faster. I believe the Anti-Inflame cell helped the inflammation in my gut too- I even felt improvement in my bowel movements, which led to less pain for me overall.
Inflammation-Related Pain​
Wound & Injury Healing
Autoimmune related inflammation
Other inflammation related complications…. I mean, that’s like literally me, and probably you, so what’s better than that, right?

The No-Pain Energy Cell

These seriously work, by placing the No-Pain cell on the area with pain- 80% of people experience relief within minutes, which is exactly what Chelsea experienced with her back and neck muscle pain.
You can also place the cell on specific places on the body for systemic pain… such as the cervical vertebrae to relieve the upper body, arms, shoulders and head. BASED ON USER EXPERIENCE REPORTS, THE TYPES OF PAIN THE ENERGY CELL HELPS ALLEVIATE INCLUDE:
Lower Back Pain​
Tissue or Bone Injury​
Post-Surgical Pain​
Muscle Sprain or Tension​
Post-Trauma Pain… kind of hard to believe, right? But really, it works!!!

Chelsea's holding the Vital Field No-Pain Energy Cell, one of our recommended items for your chronic illness essential tool kit.
Chelsea holding the No-Pain Cell

Chelsea and I are both so excited to continue wearing our Energy Cells and to be partnered with a trusted company that has over thirty years of research and development in cooperation with over 2,800 clinics In Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

I look forward to seeing how my body and illness responds to wearing the Anti-Inflame cell for weeks on end, and using the No-Pain cell for bad flare days. While Chelsea is looking forward to wearing the Anti-Inflame cell to help her busy lifestyle and diet induced inflammation, and relying on the No-Pain cell for pain relief after pushing her body to its limits.

They really are for everyone!

These could be such great tools for people of all sorts, whether you live with a long-term illness or an acute illness or injury, I can see the benefit of using the cells no matter what you have going on in your body and your life.

We feel strongly about the effectiveness of the Energy Cells, so they’re definitely part of our chronic illness essentials tool kit and are looking forward to hearing about your experience using Vital Field Energy Cells too! Use code: SPOONIESUNITE to get 15% off, and don’t forget to DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email for any questions or to let us know about your experience!

If you want to learn more Vital Field, how they got started and the science backing their efficacy, listen to our podcast episode interviewing CEO Jan Wellmann airing late March 2021!

Take care friends,