Chronic Pain- a few things we’ve found that helps!

I’ve been living with chronic pain and chronic illness for years and years, to go pain free for a day has been unheard of for me. I’m sure you can relate, and it is so effing exhausting, right?! Read on for our top CBD products for chronic illness and chronic pain!

One thing I love is meditation to help calm my nerves when I get anxious from being in pain for so long, I’ve found it helps my mental health a lot when I’m in the cloud of just getting through each hour. With so many meditations to choose from, it’s hard to find the right one, but don’t worry- Here is a free calming meditation I created for you to help settle your nervous system when you need it too.

With all the things I have going on most days, all the things I have to show up for, whether its work, family, or simply to survive, I’ve been searching and searching for things that can help, even if it doesn’t take the pain away, but can at least make it more tolerable. And I’m thrilled to tell you, I have found a few things! I hope they’re helpful for you too.

Tiny, discreet, wearable device​

Firstly, Vital Field Energy Cells are incredible. I still don’t know what is so magical about them, but they are just that, magical. Many people in our community have tried them too, and had huge success with their symptoms. Read our full review here.

I love to wear the No-Pain Cell and the Anti-Inflame Cell at the same time, for days/weeks on end, only taking them off to shower because that’s how I’ve found them to be the most effective. We love them so much, that we partnered with Vital Field to give you 20% off with code: SPOONIESUNITE. Go ahead and add each cell to your cart individually, that’s how you’ll get the best deal 🙂

Holding a bottle of Vesl Oils CBD gummies

CBD products for chronic illness

Next, I want to tell you about our FAVORITE CBD company- Vesl Oils. They’re such a great brand, with super clean, super pure products. They’re my favorite CBD product for chronic illness and chronic pain! I’m currently loving their CBD gummies for the daytime, and their CBN sleep tincture at night. I find the gummies and tinctures help with headaches, nausea, and cramping! Use code: SPOONIESUNITE for 10% off! Again, our community have been trying these out too with lots of positive reviews!

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