Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Shopping for the spoonie in your life can be tough sometimes, I mean, let’s be honest- shopping for anyone can be tough! But fear not my friend, we’re here to help, here’s a list of some of our favorite things! In fact, you may love our suggestions so much that you might want to spoil yourself and get some of these gifts for you (which we support entirely)!

Some of our links are affiliate links, and we may make a small percentage from our suggestions- that small percentage helps us keep our community going, helps us employ other spoonies, and 10% of all proceeds goes to our nonprofit! 

CBD gummies

1. CBD by Vesl Oils

We love all the Vesl Oil products and couldn't recommend them more! Check out their CBD, CBG, and CBN gummies and tinctures! Use code: SPOONIESUNITE for 10% off!

Pain relief

2. Lilas Pain Relief Patches

Period cramps are the worst! We love these patches to help with those uncomfortable moments. Use code SPOONIESUNITE for 15% off!

Vital Fields

3. Vital Field Energy Cell

A Revolutionary Pain Management Method Made possible by major scientific breakthroughs, the Energy Cell can support a less pain-filled life, the natural and safe way. Use code: SPOONIESUNITE for 20% off!

4. Empowered Self Care Book by Cassie & Chelsea

Empowered Self Care Take Control of Your Energy: A proven 21 day mindset journal teaching healthy boundaries to people with a long term illness or other diagnosis to live a better life! (The Wellness Book Series)

Live a Better Life book

5. Live a Better Life Book by Cassie & Chelsea

Live a Better Life: How to Stop Feeling Hopeless About Life and Take Control of Your Mind, Anxiety and Fears! (The Wellness Book Series)

6. Bluetooth Headphones

Eliminate the wires getting the way, and don't worry about needing to carry your phone everywhere anymore. Chelsea loves these headphones!

Shower cup holder

7. Shower Cup Holder

Do you love sparkling flavored water as much as we do? Stay hydrated in the shower to help with that post-shower exhaustion us spoonies get!


8. Kindle Paperwhite

WE LOVE OUR KINDLES SO MUCH! They've been life changing, highly highly recommend this as a gift for yourself, or anyone!

9. Tortilla Blanket

It's sooooooo soft, snuggle up- burrito style!

10. Fuzzy Slippers

Because we all need super softness on our feet.

11. Hot Water Bottle

Cassie loves this one, stays hot for a long time and feels wonderful during cramps and other painful moments.

12. Picky Oatmeal Packets

Cassie loves this for some nutrients, especially on the go!

13. Party Patch

These are great for those evenings that you do feel like having a drink or two, BUT Cassie also loves them for travelling or if she just has an extra long day!

14. Towel Scrunchie Set

This literally changed Cassie's life and saved her soooooo many spoons! Grab this set to eliminate needing to blow dry and have beautiful wavy hair, with almost no effort at all! LOVE!

15. Premium Toilet Paper

Gentle and good for the environment! Cassie switched to this TP this year, and will never go back to other TP!! Totes recommend! Definitely buy the premium!!!