It’s hard to trust which CBD products work well on patients living with Someone With Chronic Illness, especially as it’s still such an unregulated industry.

Below are products that have been used, enjoyed and found to be effective by our Spoonie Community.

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After seeing the impact our in-person support groups made, we knew we had to grow and expand online to connect with more people, and create a trusted, intimate space for us to support one another and ultimately help each other live our happiest lives.

Included in our community we have virtual social events, workbooks, intention setting workshops, support sharing and guidance sessions, classes led by experts from around the world- both live and archived classes such as movement, meditation, nutrition, life and career coaching & more!

With your monthly contribution, we are able to offer this incredible community, donate to our nonprofit, and provide flexible work opportunities for the chronically ill and disabled spoonies on our team!

We want to make our community accessible to everyone, no matter your situation, which is why we are proud to offer our "pick your monthly price" option!

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Vesl Oils CBD

Vesl Oils CBD

What makes our CBD oil stand out from the rest is that not all products are created equal. Our CBD Oil products are manufactured in Denver Colorado from organically grown US hemp. Our CBD is the result of an extensively precise extraction method. The hemp flower is turned to oil and ultra-refined to strip impurities and solvents. This process yields most pure CBD available in the world.