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See how Cassie and Chelsea, The Real Life Show, and Spoonies Unite Nonprofit have been featured!

They rise to the challenge against invisible chronic illness and provide adequate support for those living a life with chronic illness.

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Cassie and Chelsea are proud to be 2020 Aerie Changemakers!

Through the new #AerieREAL Changemakers Initiative, 20 inspiring individuals were granted
$20,000 each to help support their mission of creating positive shifts in their communities and around the globe.

As Changemakers, it is Cassie and Chelsea’s mission to normalize having a chronic illness or disability, to advocate for and offer community, resources, and support for those living with chronic illness or disability; and offer financial assistance for wellness treatments through their nonprofit- Spoonies Unite.

Forbes Mention

Having a mention in Forbes is such an honor and Cassie and Chelsea were incredibly proud to be part of the Changemakers feature!

YouTube Live with Jameela Jamil

Self-Care as an Entrepreneur/ Organizer

Aerie Changemakers sat down with Jameela Jamil, founder of iWeigh, to discuss self-care, current events, and owning who you are in this amazing YouTube Live Panel amidst the pandemic in October 2020.


The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness
  • Top 10% of podcasts ranked on Buzzsprout!
  • Top 2 in Apple podcasts search for ‘chronic illness’
  •  All 5 star reviews!
  • Top guests such as speaker and icon Nitika Chopra, author and musician Sarah Marie Ramey, talent agent and disability advocate Keely Cat-Wells, and more!

Welp Magazine

Top 20 Best Chronic Illness Podcasts Feature

Plenty & Well with Nat

Guests on the incredible podcast Plenty & well- A space to remind you that while you’re striving to live and feel well, you are already plenty. You are already ENOUGH. Plenty and Well Podcast is a space that blends health, spirituality, mindfulness, mental health and self love to fully encapsulate mind, body, soul wellness. Hosted by Natalie Kelley, a wellness blogger, mindset coach, Instagrammer, spiritual junkie and a 20-something-year-old navigating life, love and everything in between with chronic illness.